Our Framework

All of our methods of execution are Harvested through our fertile framework. The key elements of Head, Heart, and Hands help us produce effective cultural change.

Healing is both personal and collective. The process of healing begins with naming, understanding, and prioritizing ourselves. We begin the work of healing through the Rupture, Repair, Restore, and Reconnect Framework©

HOPE idea (1)

Here’s where we review our discoveries, explore new ideas, and plan our way forward. In this phase of ideation, we discuss topics like:

Now that we’ve explored our new learnings, what does this mean? Why does it matter? Here’s where we dive deeper into how this can influence our:

HOPE Heart
HOPE Hands

Now, of course we don’t do all this planning & creative discovery just to feel good and check off a box. It’s time to put in the work. Here we implement ways to:

Learn our

Ways of execution

List of Health & Healing resources

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