Experience our immersive keynote speaking engagements, where captivating stories, interactive exercises, and in-depth research come together to equip diverse audiences with actionable insights and leave a lasting impact.

Inspiring Change Through HOPE

Unlock the power of an engaging and dynamic keynote with Dr. Latise Hairston. Our speaking engagements aren’t just presentations; they’re an immersive experience -vibrant journeys of discovery. We blend engaging stories and in-depth research to create a unique experience that resonates with diverse communities and organizations.
Picture this: lively interactions, call-and-response moments, and practical exercises that leave your audience not just inspired but equipped with actionable insights. Whether you’re from the world of non-profits, education, technology, medicine, or any other field, our dynamic speaking engagements promise to be an unforgettable experience that sparks creativity, fosters deep connection, and has a lasting impact. Join us on this exciting adventure of learning, laughter, and growth!
Topics we cover include:

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We believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty (figuratively speaking, of course). Our interactive workshops help you do just that. Put in the work. These workshops cover topics like:


  • Using Circles to Build and Maintain a Healthy Organizational Community

  • Contemplating 400 Years of Inequality- Learn About the History of Inequality in America

  • Question, Refer, Persuade (QPR)
  • Transformation Through Creative Leadership

  • Paper Planes Business Simulation, Building High Performing Teams

  • Transformation through Creative Problem Solving 

  • Developing & Implementing and Living by Your Vision, Mission & Values

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